Tēnā koutou,

The government has set a new national direction for how we must all look after freshwater.  It’s designed to restore the health of waterways within a generation.

As a council, we must implement the government’s plans and as a result we’re preparing a new Freshwater Plan for Te Taitokerau.  It’s basically a set of new targets, policies and rules which will enable us to improve the health of freshwater.

NRC is committed to better understanding and reflecting Māori values in the creation of the draft Freshwater Plan.  Please join us online to hear korero about this process and learn more about how tāngata whenua can be involved.  You can learn more about the freshwater plan in the brochure attached.

Speakers will include:

Jonathan Gibbard – NRC Tāhūhū Rangapū – CEO

Delaraine Armstrong – Tāngata Whenua Water Advisory Group Co-chair

Ben Lee – NRC Planning and Policy Manager

Kelly Murphy – Me He Wai Programme Lead, Te Rarawa

There will be opportunity for a live Q&A session once the presentations are concluded.  Click on the banner below to register and receive a link to join.  We’d also really appreciate it if you can share this invitation to any others you think may be interested.  We look forward to seeing you online.Ngā Wai Māori Ki Te Taitokerau

If you can’t make it but want to find out more about the freshwater plan change and how to get involved, please check out our website or email us on freshwater@nrc.govt.nz