Settlement | The Settlement

Financial Redress:


$6.2 million, which includes an on-account payment of $3.0 million to be made available following the signing of the deed of settlement, agreeing settlement legislation and NKKW ratifying the Post Settlement Governance Entity; and

Interest on the financial redress of $6.2 million from 7 July 2014 to the day before settlement date and adjusted for any on accounts.

Cultural Redress:

$0.3 million as a cultural fund for the development and implementation of a historic reserve management plan for the Kōwhairoa Peninsula.

Statutory Recognition:

Redress area Instrument
Whakaangi Scenic Reserve Overlay classification
Paekauri Conservation Area Statutory acknowledgement
Coastal Marine Area Statutory acknowledgement
Oruaiti River and its tributaries within the Ngatikahu ki Whangaroa area of interest Statutory acknowledgement
Akatārere Historic Reserve Statutory acknowledgement and deed of recognition

Cultural Redress Properties:

Redress area Encumberance
Clarke Block Fee simple vesting
Opakau Urupā Fee simple vesting
Pear Tree Bay property Fee simple vesting
Pukeānginga/Kiwitahi Urupā Fee simple vesting
Temahani Urupā Fee simple vesting
Otara ana koiwi Fee simple vesting
Waipouritaka ana koiwi Fee simple vesting
Te Kōmanga Urupā Fee simple vesting
Kōwhairoa Urupā Fee simple vesting
Waihi Bay property Fee simple vesting subject to a scenic reserve status
Thompson Block Fee simple vesting, subject to a right of way easement in gross in favour of the Minister of Conservation
Stony Creek Station Fee simple vesting (the Minister of Conservation will provide the governance entity with a registrable easement for a right to convey water to Stony Creek Station across Paekauri Conservation Area)
Taemāro to Tokomata Fee simple vesting subject to a conservation covenant
Paekauri Fee simple vesting subject to a conservation covenant and two registrable easements in gross in favour of the Minister of Conservation
Kōwhairoa Peninsula Fee simple vesting subject to being a historic reserve


Who Instrument
Minister of Conservation Protocol
Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage Protocol
Minister for Primary Industries Letter of Recognition
Director, Office of Treaty Settlements Letter to Northland Regional Council and the Far North District Council encouraging each council to enter into a memorandum of understanding (or a similar document)

Place name changes:

Existing name Official geographic name Geographic feature type
Berghan Point Te Whatu / Berghan Point Point
Paikauri Paekauri Hill
Akatere Akatākere Hill
Stony Stream Waikōhatu* Stream
Unnamed peninsula Kōwhairoa Peninsula* Peninsula
Ranfurly Bay Kohatupapā / Ranfurly Bay Bay
Rere Bay Te Rere Bay Bay
Pā Island Matanehunehu Island* Island
Waitepipi Bay Waitepipī Bay Bay
Unnamed feature Te Komanga Bay Bay
Saint Peters Hopekako Hill / Pā

*Subject to a recommendation by the New Zealand Geographic Board


Input into management:

Redress area Instrument
Ranfurly Bay Scenic Reserve (the remaining areas in Crown ownership) The Director-General will consult and have regard to NKKW’s views when making certain statutory decisions in relation to the Ranfurly Bay Scenic Reserve

Conservation place name changes:

Existing Historic Reserve New name
Akatere Historic Reserve Akatārere Historic Reserve
Paikauri Conservation Area Paekauri Conservation Area