Settlement | Crown Apology

  1. The Crown makes the following apology to the whanaū, hapū and iwi of Ngātikahu ki Whangaroa, to your tūpuna and to your mokopuna.
  2. The Crown apologises for its failure to honour its obligations to Ngātikahu ki Whangaroa under Te Tiriti o Waitangi/the Treaty of Waitangi. The Crown has taken too long to address appropriately your long-standing and acutely felt grievances, and recognises that this failure has adversely affected generations of Ngātikahu ki Whangaroa.
  3. The Crown profoundly apologises for the hurt and ongoing grievance it caused Ngātikahu ki Whangaroa by taking surplus lands and its prolonged investigation of pre-Treaty land transactions, the adverse impact of native land laws on Ngātikahu ki Whangaroa lands and the Crown’s taking of lands from Ngātikahu ki Whangaroa for public works and scenery preservation. The Crown is deeply sorry that the cumulative effects of its actions have deprived Ngātikahu ki Whangaroa of important sites, wāhi tapu and urupā of your tūpuna and left you virtually landless.
  4. The Crown has promoted injurious laws and policies that undermined Ngātikahu ki Whangaroa’s wellbeing, and disrespected Ngātikahu ki Whangaroa rangatiratanga. For its acts which contributed to the loss of Ngātikahu ki Whangaroa autonomy and damaged Ngātikahu ki Whangaroa’s tribal structures the Crown is deeply sorry.

The Crown seeks to atone for past injustices it has inflicted upon you. Through this settlement, the Crown hopes to restore its honour and relieve Ngātikahu ki Whangaroa’s justified sense of grievance. The Crown looks forward to forging a new and enduring relationship with Ngātikahu ki Whangaroa based on good faith, mutual respect, partnership and the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi/the Treaty of Waitangi.