Tena koutou e te iwi,

Through Te Kahui o Taonui, a small amount of resource will become available through Iwi networks to be distributed to our Iwi/Hapu/Marae hubs.

Taemaro Marae has re-established a covid hub in Taemaro that services tangata from across the rohe of Ngatikahu ki Whangaroa. Are there other hubs/Marae that are organising Manaaki in the same way that we can support? If so, please call me (09) 4060294/0211667677 so that we can support you and work with you to disseminate resources in a safe and efficient manner.

Whanau ora also has access to hygiene packs for those whanau who require them – face masks; hand sanitiser and so on. Please let us know if you require access to these resources as well, thanks.

Te Runanga o Whaingaroa has a small amount of food resource available for distribution currently being organised from the Kaeo Memorial Hall.

Laurie Franks of Whangaroa Marina has graciously offered groceries to the value of $200 for each Marae within the Whangaroa region to be distributed by 4 square in Kaeo. Those Marae with the capacity to deliver, please let us know. All names to be forwarded for the relevant Iwi organisations and ID verification will be required to uplift each Marae grocery pack.

Te Kahu o Taonui (Regional Iwi representation), and Nga Whanuku o Whangaroa (localised Hapu/Marae representation), are meeting regularly to find ways of assisting whanau, hapu, Iwi get through this current pandemic. If you have any important korero you think should be heard and/or discussed at these levels, please let us know.

We will be placing this communication on the website, social media sites and out through our Iwi database email distribution list. If you know of people we’ve missed and should be included in this communication, please let us know so we can add them to our database.

Kia haumaru te noho