Upcoming Māori-engagement workshops on climate change adaptation and managed retreat

The Ministry for the Environment will be hosting a series of online workshops to discuss and identify with Māori the implications and issues of ‘managed retreat’. These workshops are an early opportunity for the Ministry for the Environment to better understand the perspectives of Māori and how a managed retreat system could work for Māori.

What is a managed retreat?

Managed retreat involves the relocation of a property, asset, activities, or cultural site of significance away from a high-risk area that is prone to natural hazards (e.g., relocating a house from a flooding area). Government is in the early stages of developing how a managed retreat process will work in Aotearoa New Zealand – this will be addressed in the National Adaptation Plan and the proposed Climate Adaptation Act.

Why is this kaupapa important?

Managed retreat will raise a distinct set of issues and implications for Māori in relation to te taio and te ao Māori. For example, how will iwi/Māori be involved and supported in this process? How will tikanga be reflected in this process? Who has the decision making in enacting a managed retreat? How will the process apply to marae or urupā? How will managed retreat be funded?

The workshops

The online workshops are accessible on the MfE website to register (https://environment.govt.nz/what-you-can-do/have-your-say/climate-change-engagement/#climate-adaptation-act) and are scheduled to take place on:

  • Tuesday 29 March, 12pm
  • Thursday 31 March, 4pm
  • Wednesday 6 April, 6pm
  • Friday 8 April, 6pm

Ngā manaakitanga

Te Tai Tokerau Whenua Māori Service